Good Friday

Friday, April 7th

7:00 PM – Worship Service

Join us as we focus on the most important event in all of history. This service will combine powerful choir music, congregational singing, and portions of Scripture that remind us of the sacrificial love of our Savior.

Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 09

  9:30 AM – Refreshments and Photo Wall
10:30 AM – Worship Service

Jesus is alive! He rose from the dead just as He promised. Enjoy refreshments and a visit to the photo wall. Then join us for inspiring worship and hear an uplifting, practical message about what the resurrection means for us.

What People Are Saying

“My family is blessed that we have found this church. It is a growing community and solidly based in the Bible.”


“This ministry is thriving, personally and as a whole. The atmosphere is alive with the fragrance of Christ!”


“The new Pastor is so transparent and authentic! God has blessed me with this church and these people.”


Come celebrate with us!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ separates the Gospel from all world religions. Not only was it the pivotal moment in history, it is the pivotal moment in each person’s life. Come celebrate the resurrection with us!

Our Location

2150 South Wagner Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103